Mr. K.C. Gupta, GM (QA) BSNL New Delhi:
I am happy to visit the factory. New layout and environment is very good. Management is quite conscious about the pollution control requirement as well as the health hazards and are taking due precautions to protect the name. I would advice, to be in touch with BSNL consignee directly to understand the installation and market practices of BSNL so that the product is stabilized by getting proper feedback. I wish the company all the best and prosperity.

Mr. R.K. Arnold, GM (QA) BSNL Bangalore:
Batteries are the basic life support for telecom network. In our country we need reliable battery products and I am happy to see NED’s effort in this endeavor. I am impressed with the high quality infrastructure and dedicated manpower in the company. My best wishes for a prosperous future.

Mr. Debashish Majumdar, Director (Technical) IREDA New Delhi:
I am really impressed with the plant layout, cleanliness and environmental pollution considerations. I am sure the company shall soon be able to establish its product brand as a market leader. I wish the company and the entire team, all the best. Mr. Soon Hong Ahm, GM (Mfg) LG Electronics System India Ltd: Wish prosperous in future. Good Factory!!

Mr. Santosh Mohan Dev, Chairman Standing Committee of Energy & power:
I was delighted to visit the plant. I wish them future success. Mr. Virendra Kumar, CGM (TQA Circle), BSNL Bangalore: It was a pleasure going around the Ned Energy’s premises. The management and research wing are quality conscious and forward looking. I wish them all success.

Mr. A.V. Sundar Raj, GM (HQ) Bangalore:
The setup is excellent, very eco-friendly. I am impressed.

Mr. Young Hwi Chung, VP, Omni Systems, S. Korea:
It was a pleasure to be invited by NED Energy Limited. I wish them success for their future endeavors.

Mr. S.C. Garg, CGM, BSNL Kolkata:
Excellent production facilities with emphasis on pollution control. Efforts of Mr. S.A. Gaffoor are much appreciated in all areas.

Mr. Ronaldo A. DE Wou, VP (export & product), Philippine Batteries Inc, Philippine:
Very impressed about the factory, the system and specially the R & D. I believe this is possible because of professional business practices.

Mr. R.K. Kulkarni, Chief Engineer (CCE), Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd Mumbai:
Ned Energy Limited’s work is very neat and clean. They are taking care of all pollution control requirements. Engineers working in M/S NED are aware of complete technology of VRLA batteries.

Mr. Abdul Majid, DDG, BSNL New Delhi:
I am deeply impressed by the production process, environmental control, housekeeping and the test area. I appreciate that the company’s R&D was setup in collaboration with IISC, Bangalore. This is a total indigenous effort. I wish the unit all success.

Prof. D Pavlov, CLEPS Bulgaria:
I am very impressed from the plant!!! Excellent management..

Ms. Jayshree Venkatraman, Director (Tractors and Farm equipments) Chennai:
Excellent facility. Very impressive in housekeeping which is a tough task, especially for a battery company. The team is technically sound. Has a good future. All the best to Mr. Gautam and his team.

Mr. A.V. Koundinyan, GM (QA) BSNL Bangalore:
I am very impressed with the original initiatives taken by the company for the design of the batteries. I wish them all the best for the future.

Mr. Sunil Sukhija, Ericsson:
Impressive plant. Neat and clean with good working environment, good greenery too. Maintain it like this and better if possible.

Mr. Anuj Mathur, Nokia Gurgaon:
Process defined and laid down in a simple, neat and clean environment. Have lots of opportunities to grow as a major battery manufacturer.

Mr. J Sigmnavan, Bharti Televentures:
Great manufacturing facility. Need to visit sites to understand field problems. Suggest solutions to their clients. Interact with users to improve the product.

Mr. D Mandal, Ericsson Gurgaon:
Gives an impression of environment friendly facility despite being a pollution prone product, also healthy atmosphere to work. Need to look for immediate expansion.

Mr. Idillson Kunb, Shuangden Group China:
Remarkable for a five year company to achieve such standards. I feel that NED can do more in future. I would suggest NED to go for radical expansion.

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