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Founded in 1998 by a group of experienced technocrats, NED Energy Ltd is a premier player in the manufacturing of world-class VRLA Batteries. Our batteries are manufactured with the most advanced technology and provide a strong and clean power source that far surpasses other batteries of its kind.

Since 2007 NED Energy Limited is an associate of Time Technoplast Limited. NED Energy Ltd is committed to meet customerís quality expectations throughout the design, manufacturing, testing, service and technical support phases. Every NED product is subjected to vigorous testing during the production process using superior quality components.

As we focus ahead, we seek to outperform ourselves by continuously improving our processes, the quality of our products and services through constant innovation and periodic reviews

1998 Company has been promoted by a group of Technocrats.
1999 Project cleared by Technology Development Board, Govt. of India for funding
2000 Project execution completed with a plant capacity of 35 Million Ampere hours VRLA Batteries for Telecom & Industrial application.
2001-02 In year 2001-02, it has obtained Infrastructure Assessment Clearance from Telecom Engineering Centre, DOT, GOI for manufacturing Advanced SMF VRLA batteries up to 4000 Ah. Its batteries viz, 200 Ah, 300Ah 400 Ah, 500Ah, 600 Ah, 1000 Ah & 2000 Ah have been type approved by Telecommunications Engineering Centre, New Delhi as per prevailing TEC Specifications, GR-BAT-01/03 MAR 2004 with amendment No.: 01 dated 05.01.05. The annual turnover achieved in the financial year was Rs 37 Million. In line with its vision and thrust on R & D, the company has established state of the art R & D facility to test and validate batteries, which has been recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India.
2002-03 The company has been certified by TUV Management Service for ISO 9001. This year marked the company’s entry into highly competitive market of supply of batteries to private telecom equipment suppliers like M/s Ericsson, M/s LG Electronics. This move to enter into private telecom has given much needed boost to revenue and profitability. At the end of this year the annual turnover achieved was Rs. 113.4 Million.
2003-04 Product type approval obtained from Department of Telecommunications, Govt. of India for the models 3000Ah & 4000Ah VRLA batteries which are used in Telecom applications. A Development project has been obtained from DSIR under PATSER for the development of High Energy Density VRLA batteries for EV application. A business turnover of Rs.73.4 Million was achieved.
2004-05 A US patent has been granted for our High Energy Density VRLA Battery with US Patent application publication No.: US2004/0151982 A1, dated 05.08.2004. Further expanded its plant capacity to 50 Million Ah. A business turnover of Rs.199.8 Million was achieved.
2005-06 Intimation of grant of Patent for “Improved Lead Acid Battery” received from Patent office, Government of India. Patent application no.: 293/MAS/1999 A business turnover of Rs.304.5 Million was achieved.
2006-07 The project development of High Energy Density VRLA Battery supported by DSIR under PATSER scheme has been successfully completed. A business turnover of Rs.452.5 Million was achieved.
2007-08 Major Stake of 74 % of NED has been acquired by M/s Time Technoplast Limited represented by Mr.Anil Jain, as a Strategic Partner, to boost the growth of the company. As on December 31st 2007 the Company achieved a Turnover of Rs 1025.8 Millions

NED has acquired M/s. Gulf Power Beat at Bahrain for manufacturing of industrial and automotive batteries for middle east requirements. Second unit with a plant capacity of 200 Million Ah has commenced commercial production at Panoli, Gujarat .NED has signed an agreement with IEES, Bulgarian academy of Sciences, Bulgaria for obtaining next generation Strap grid Tubular VRLA battery technology. A business turnover of Rs.1690 Million has been achieved.

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